"Oh God....she's still pooping...."

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Ultrasound now with 90% more useful information

This one says girl.

Okay, this morning we had another ultrasound, and the tech said that she was 99.9% certain that we are having a little girl; so the name will be Elizabeth Caroline Holloway. In other news, based on the measurements that the tech was finding, Elizabeth is about 4.7 pounds with an average head and stomach size. The tech also thought that she could see some hair on the baby's head, but she couldn't get a perfect picture of that. The tech also said that we are still on track for the last week of December for a due date. I guess that's all I know at the minute, and I'll keep you up-to-date if I hear anything else. In other news, Elizabeth is in her first Halloween costume. Okay, I have the costume on covering her and keeping her warm, but she is a basketball. Considering the kicking she likes to do at night, I should have dressed her as a swimmer or a soccer player, but I suppose she is practicing her jump shot at 3 a.m. as all good shooters should do.

Monday, October 30, 2006

Cribs 2

A Very Special Episode of MTV's "Cribs"

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

An update...of sorts...

Hello, and thanks for taking time out of your busy day surfing for videos of idiots lip-synching "SexyBack" on YouTube and stopping by. Your patronage, as always, is welcome.

Yes, the blog should be updated more. I know...I'm an awful person. Unfortunately, life gets in the way of online rambling, so what are you going to do?

Here's the baby update: Friday, another doctor's visit. This time, the doctor was concerned that Chris might be developing gestational diabetes (even though she tests several times a week with my own meter and hasn't really shown anything out of the ordinary). So, she had to take another test (drinking the sweet, sweet liquid.....I miss the days when I could drink a regular Fresca and turn my nose at society....well, at least I miss the Fresca). Unfortunately, she had to have blood drawn 4 times for this test, once before the drink, and then one on the hour for the next 3 hours. So, Chris basically spent her morning being poked for blood, then go run errands, then come back for more blood-letting. We find out the results of this second test tomorrow, so wish us luck.

I read about GD (heh -- GD) on WebMD, and the risks to the mom can be serious (basically, same risks as diabetics). If she does have it, the hope is that it would be temporary and not permanent. If it's permanent, at least I can hook her up with a spare meter. Anyway, the risk to the baby that seemed most prevalent is that it'll make it bigger when it's born. As if the head wasn't going to be big enough to start with... Luckily, the treatment is usually diet and exercise. Hopefully, the test will come back negative and all will be fine.

The next actual doctor's visit (since tomorrow is a visit with the nurse practitioner/daughter of Satan) is in two weeks. Maybe... just maybe ... we'll get a final answer as to the baby's sex. So far, we've been operating with "girl," but it would be nice to have that 100% confirmed rather than "well, we think it's a girl." Sigh...we can send unmanned probes out to Pluto and decide that its no longer a planet (a decision I wholeheartedly disagree with, and I sincerely hope that this issue is taken before the Federation or even the Galactic Senate....Pluto got a raw deal...and what about all those science fair presentations where some poor kid plunked down 20-40 bucks at Michael's for a Solar System diarama, and now they have an extra Pluto and nothing to do with it...I mean, will somebody PLEASE THINK OF THE CHILDREN?!?!?!...but, I digress).

As for me, well, the fear is slowly starting to overtake the excitement. I've been running waaaayyy too many "what if" scenarios in my mind lately. For example, what if I'm giving a very important presentation for work and the baby starts shrieking? Obviously, I would excuse myself for a moment and investigate the noise. Then, I find the cause of the problem...the baby is shrieking out of excitement because the dog has obtained a dirty diaper and is currently playing soccer all around the house, gleefully slinging feces over the un-stainmaster protected furniture. Meanwhile, the cat has pushed the remaining container of formula perilously close to the edge of the counter. And then the doorbell rings, and the dog starts barking furiously (diaper somehow still in jaw), thereby changing the baby's shrieks from gleeful to terrifying, and the formula spills. What do I do? WHAT DO I DO?

So there you go: the baby is a gender-neutral, kicking machine, Chris probably can't have anything sugary for the next two months, and I'm periously close to needing a Lithium prescription. That about sums it up at the 29th week of pregnancy.