"Oh God....she's still pooping...."

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

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Doctor's Visit

Today I had my 13 week check-up with the doctor. Everything is going fine Spawn's heart rate was 160. We got to see the hands, arms, legs and he showed us the ribs and both halves of the brain. For once I could actually make out what the ultrasound was showing me. I'm going to attach the scans of the picture for all to enjoy. . . if freakin' Blogger would let me do it (grrrrr). . . I'll try to attach later. . . .

Friday, June 23, 2006

Fun quotes

Notes from Chris: Okay, Frank said that he got to rant so I am thinking that I should be able to include a few quotes I heard recently that made me laugh. "Only people from the extremes run for office . Moderates got too much stuff(paraphrasing) to do." Jon Stewart from the Daily Show. "We need a wall with a lava moat and lava proof alligators in the moot." Stephen Colbert orginially from the commencement address given at Knox College in Galesburg, Ill but he has used this quote on his show The Colbert Report a couple of times since then. "Goal!!! GOOOOOOAAAAALLLLL!!!!!" Frank runing around the house everytime Carolina Hurricanes score a goal during the Stanley Cup. "Your password needs to have at least one number and one capital letter. No, you can't use your first or last name. No, you can't use your wife last name if it is the same as yours now if it is different and you add a number and a capital letter sure then you can use it. Yes, you can use your dog's name but you have to add a number somewhere in the password. Yes, you can use the number 1 and long as it is the number 1 and not number "o-n-e". Did that work? Yes, great is there anything I can help with." Overheard a call taker at work having to take a customer through the password process. The really sad part was that the customer was a Harvard grad. and working a large law firm making 6 figures. There really is no cosmic justice is there. I guess none of this was really about Spawn but I did pick up at a garage sale, today, a cute stuffed cow with pale blue spots and pale green horns and a "classic" Tigger. So, what's not to love.

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Inaugural Blogging

Welcome to the first post of Chris and Frank and baby "Spawn." Under intense pressure to maintain round-the-clock info about Spawn, we've decided to make a blog. Hopefully we'll actually figure out this whole "blogging" thing and include things like (1) pictures, (2) updates about pre- and post-natal baby life, and (3) Frank's mad rants about things like grilled cheese sandwiches (They're not actually cooked on a grill, so why do we call them grilled cheese sandwiches? C'mon people, WORK WITH ME HERE!!!!).

At any rate, the first post finds us one day after our 5th wedding anniversary. Hard to believe that Chris can voluntarily claim to still be married to Frank after 5 years (see the Grilled Cheese rant above), but she claims to "love and cherish" me. I think she's angling for a better anniversary gift, but don't tell her that. We decided to go to a bed and breakfast country inn to celebrate the big occasion in Cedarville, Ohio. How shall I describe Cedarville? Well, first of all, I have yet to see any cedars in this town. It is very troubling to me that you would name your city after a cedar tree, yet not have any. I would recommend an investigation into this, much like the grilled cheese controversy. How else shall I describe Cedarville? Hmmmm....... well ...... it is in America, and that's about it. It's a tiny town in the middle of nowhere. Which is good if you want to get away from the hustle and bustle of urban life. It has reminded me, though, that I particularly like the hustle and bustle of urban life and cannot survive five minutes without a Target and a Taco Bell.

Actually, the anniversary has been really great, and we've had a nice time getting away from Marbury (for anybody who will read this who isn't family ... and God bless you ... that's our one and a half year old puppy; he's part Cattle Dog, part German Shepard, probably a tinge of wolf or some other unusual lupine animal, and all insanity) and Madison (the four year old cat who wishes the dog would mysteriously vanish into a rift in the time-space continuum...she's been working on it, but she hasn't gotten her mind around Heisenberg's Principle yet). Although I would go insane with rurality, it's nice to spend some quiet, quality time with Chris and remember why we got married in the first place (the tax benefits).

Spawn has been doing well. For those of you wondering "Why Spawn?," I guess the image I have in my head right now is a Gremlin inside Chris furiously clawing at life or something (you try looking at the ultrasounds and tell me that it looks human). Spawn was the first name that popped in my head after I created that visual, so until we know the sex, Spawn is the name (sorry all you fanboys who thought this would be about the comic book character -- please slink back into your parents' basements where you belong). Currently, Spawn is at 11 weeks and holding steady. My emotions at this time are excitement mixed with abject fear at the thought of parenthood. I honestly have no idea what this whole concept is about. It really freaks me out when I think about it. In around six months or so, I'm going to have a lifeform dependent on me for everything, like food, shelter, and sports trivia. This is scary stuff. I tell myself that I'll have an "action plan" and a "blueprint for success" by the time Spawn arrives, but I don't think using corporate weaselspeak is really going to help me much here. So, bear with me when I go off on philosophical rants, like poop and why God couldn't make it smell like flowers or something. I'm just a scared new father who's going to do the best he can. Of course, I think the first time Spawn looks at me with nothing more than love in its eyes, all fear will melt away (remind me of this in 17 years when I'm ranting about the teenage years). Excitement and fear all mixed into one.

Okay, I think I've ranted enough tonight. I'll let Chris blog for awhile.

Go Whaler-canes!!


Greetings, people! Chris here. While I'm not as eloquent as my husband when it comes to writing, I can type so I guess I should add some stuff. So far, it hasn't been too bad yet. A little morning sickness, although never in the morning. I've found that if I don't let myself get too hot or too hungry, then generally it's not that bad. There are certain things that are on the banned list for now: cheddar cheese (which sucks, b/c I love cheddar cheese), KFC (I'm just glad I can type that today with no negative reactions), and chocolate (which sucks, but b/c of caffeine, I can't have it).

I too am both excited and scared. The thought of a lifeform being totally dependent on me (and me alone right now) for the next six months is a little intimidating. I have to go back to the doctor on June 27th, and hopefully I'll be able to figure out how to post a copy of the ultrasound picture by then.

I guess that's all I can really think of right now. Peace out from C-ville!