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Thursday, March 29, 2007

Elizabeth's New Tricks

I just thought that I would add some new pictures and pass along some developmental process.

Good morning everybody...

First of all, this picture makes me smile because this is a picture of Miss Elizabeth sleeping all night(okay midnight to 5:30 am but close enough for me) in her crib by herself in her own room.

I also, think that she will be moving out of the pacifer phase soon because I tried offering her the last three nights when she has been sleeping in her bed and she doesn't want it. She just doesn't open her mouth to suck on it. So, I didn't force the issue and just let her go to sleep.
Asleep and loving it....

Secondly, last night she sat up(okay, leaning on her hands but still upright) and stayed up for at least a minute or two. It's very difficult to take a picture of that because I didn't want to get so far away that I couldn't catch her when she fell over. The next picture is dad helping her sit up.

Look mom I am sitting by myself...

Thirdly and finally, for today, she has started keeping her hands open more and actually grasping things. I put the rattle in her hand but she managed to switch it from her right hand to the left one. I don't know if she has made the connection that when she shakes her arm it makes the rattle make noise but she did seem to enjoy it.

I also, am including just a couple of pictures of her chillin' out on her back... She was smiling both right before and right after the pictures were taken apparently she doesn't like to smile for the camera yet.

Relaxing and thinking about tasting my fingers.
I want to roll over but my arm is in the way.

Fingers are soo tasty.


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