"Oh God....she's still pooping...."

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

more pictures

Some Ultrasound pictures 8/16/06

And the Emmy for Gender Identity Goes To . . .

Pop quiz, hotshots. What will Spawn be?

(A) Boy
(B) Girl
(C) Human
(D) Pod Person
(E) Tony Kornheiser
(F) Wait, we're having a baby? How come I wasn't informed of this? Damn interns failing to update my calendars. . .
(G) We think it's a girl, but we're not completely sure b/c (1) Spawn mooned us most of the time, (2) squirmed around waaaaaayyyy too much, and (3) even when we were able to get a view of the upper leg/torso area, Spawn refused to open its legs for anyone to peek, but the thought is that its likely a girl based upon what was seen, but we'll have to wait for another 4 weeks to get a more definitive answer.

If you answered "G," give yourself a gold star and a cookie. If you answered D, you watch waaay too much Sci Fi channel. If you answered E, what the hell is wrong with you?

For now, its probably 75/25 likely to be a girl, with a more definitive answer in a few weeks (as Spawn gets bigger... and maybe a little less squirmy...)

Chris will post pictures later. . . mazel tov!

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Worst Cliff Hanger Ever

Okay, so we went to the Dr's on Friday morning. Didn't learn anything new which was kind of a let down since when we went in July he promised an ultrasound when we came back in Aug. But he decided to have us go to a specialist next Wednesday to do the ultrasound. Not sure why but okay. So, instead of getting to find out what it was on Friday like we hoped we would we have to wait until Wednesday morning. So, for the next couple of days I am waiting out the longest cliff hanger ever. Hopefully, I'll know something on Wednesday morning. But the wait is killing me.