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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

More Pictures and some updates.

Okay, where to begin. In the last two weeks she and progressed into so much at once. Stage two food. A taste of bread. Standing (okay it was only for like 5-10 sec) by herself(by I have witnesses to the event) and trying really hard to crawl. Okay, she has "crawled" forward but only because in her bouncing on all fours her knees slid up and that moved her forward. So, I am thinking that we have to finish any last minute childproofing that we need to finish; and honestly she can already get to where she wants to go on her own by rolling anyway. Last night Frank sat her down on her playmat in the middle of his office and he watched her roll her way to the door of the room so that when I came out of the bathroom she was looking and me and laughing. Generally, she is still have happy baby... And for the most part is finally sleeping through the night. So, after seven months we have some form of mobility, real food(okay baby food but that still counts), and sometimes sleeping through the night. Not bad...
Elizabeth sporting the "cool look."
I thought that I would include a couple of pictures from Frank and I when we visited "The Rock" in June.
Don't I look tough... okay maybe not...


Blogger Steph said...

hasn't blogger kicked you guys off for inactivity yet? (ha ha, just kidding)

Send me a picture of that baby (or teenager as she probably is by now)

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