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Monday, April 23, 2007

Dr. Updates and is hair style hereditary

I did not know that hair styles are hereditary but apparently they are.
Like father like daughter.

Okay, Elizabeth went for her 4 month check-up/shots today. She was according to their scales and stuff she is reading 24 inches long(25% percential but I honestly think that they didn't catch her in fully stretched out and 14 pd and 13 oz.(75%) and her head is 16 1/4 cm.(50%) So, she is on track as far as that goes.

Elizabeth at one month.

We actually saw our friends one month old on Friday and just couldn't believe how much growing and changing Elizabeth has done in 3 little months. Elizabeth can sit on your knee and keep her own head up for like forever now. Her face has filled out and she's grown a whole foot since she was born. I'll try to dig a one month picture and let you compare. She smiles now all of the time; especially, if you stick your tongue out at her. She reaches out and grabs things now; hair, toys, the dog’s fur and anything else within her grasp. She studies everything around her. She no longer falls asleep in group settings anymore. I think it because she’s afraid that she'll miss something. She outgrown her cradle rocker and was given the green light to try solid foods. I'll let you know how that goes...believe me I am scared about the messes this will entail. She can sleep through the night and can dance (her form of dancing at least {think Elaine from Seinfeld}) when music starts. She loves to be sung to and is trying to talk to you (granted its still grunts) but to her they are important grunts.
Elizabeth a week ago.


Blogger Steph said...

She's so stinkin cute! Hopefully her hair will get weighted down eventually and she can hide her dirty secret (14 cowlicks from Daddy). Ah well. Watch your mail - I finally got around to sending that book I forgot, and I forgot to give you her card! Holy crap. Crazy Stephanie - lost her marbles. :)

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