"Oh God....she's still pooping...."

Monday, November 27, 2006

Turkey Induced Meat Coma

Okay, I had another's Doctor's appointment today and starting this week I'll be paying him a visit every week. So, I guess that means that I am now on the downward side. First updates from what we have been up to lately. First of all we survived all of the birthing classes and learned a lot. Now the real question is how much of this will I actually remember when I am in serious pain. Hopefully, I'll remember the important parts. We also started attending the birth care classes. The first one was very informative, and we got to see a bunch of pictures of babies that looked a little off from what you see on TV, but according to the doctor who brought the slides the babies were all normal. The weirdness that it looked like they had really wasn't odd; it was all normal and the babies were all fine. Tomorrow night, I guess we will get to learn about bathing (they apparently bring over one of the brand new babies from the maternity side and demonstrate). Also, we will learn the proper way to diaper a baby. We also have done a little shopping for baby girl clothing since they are sure that is what we are having. So, we got a few cute girly outfits and Frank has found a couple of cute daddy's little girl bibs. Although, one of my favorite bibs is the one that I bought that says "IRS Deduction," since if she is born when she is due we will get to take the deduction this year. Finally, to the doctor's visit today. The baby’s heart rate is a steady 136 beats/minute, which is what it was last time. Next, I had to have the not-so-fun part of the last 4 weeks doctor’s visits. I was at 1 cm, so that was all good (not fun but good). I also asked to him recommend a pediatrician, and he gave us the name of a Doctor that he likes that has his office less than a mile from our house, so that's a good thing too. My next visit is next Thursday afternoon; I'll update the blog again after that appointment.