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Friday, March 09, 2007

More pictures.

I can crawl I know I can just me a minute.
What's that over there? Seriously, what is that?
Working on the whole lifting of the head thing.
Look at how high I can lift myself. Seriously, anything to get me off my stomach.

Elizabeth updates....
We have officially retired the 0-3 onesies. She has just gotten too tall for them. Elizabeth has also moved up to stage two diapers. She is growing like a weed and already trying to do too much as once. I don't have any idea where she would get the multi tasking gene from. Last night she came super close to rolling over. Of course she was trying to crawl at the same time. She has the arm and leg movement down it's just a matter of getting her muscles strong enough to lift her body of the ground to go forward. I have attached a couple of pictures looking just thrilled to be on her stomach but showing how well she lifts her head up. Her head control is amazing (at least I think so but I'm not biased or anything). She is working on trying to figure out the whole sitting up thing. She can sit up in her boppy sort of. Okay, its more of lean in the boppy but it is still growth and development.
In other news, winter may finally be giving up the ghost in Ohio. The weather people are predicting 60 degrees for tomorrow and I can't wait. I have been dying to take Elizabeth out in her Super Action Combat Stroller (of doom) and if it's 60 we can enjoy being outside with her instead of the mad dash into the store with the blanket covering her the whole time. She will be able to look around and see the site and enjoy being out. I guess that is it for now.


Blogger Stephanie said...

awww - so adorable! Chris's multi-tasking with Franks expressions - priceless!

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